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October 7, 2011

Alternative Holistic Health Answers

Steve Jobs has passed.  Something I think no one ever expected, because it just seemed like he was beyond the cancer.

Pancreatic cancer kills so quickly because by the time we see symptoms it is too late.  But a variety of other symptoms show up before the gastric pain.  Half of patients exhibit pronounced anxiety and depression, and a number of blood markers show elevation.  So having a complete routine blood workup is never a terrible idea.

If the cancer is a single piece, it can now be resected (taken out), which increases the average life span from six months to about five years.  One of the standard treatments has been to supplement patients with large quantities of pancreatic enzymes in the hopes of lessening the burden on the pancreas.  There are also trials adding ginkgo extract to standard chemotherapy in the hopes of increasing the effect.

One of…

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